Growing up, my Mom and I would take semi-annual trips up to Iowa to visit my grandparents. ¬†Without fail our time with them would consist of watching golf, playing golf, and gathering the whole family (an sometimes the neighbors) for a long evening of cribbage. It’s a relatively simple game once you get some practice in, but the real fun comes in the smack-talk and struggle to count correctly.

Often we refer to the rule book to check a 24 count or when we find ourselves (usually drunkenly) counting a 30 in our hand. But sometimes the rule book isn’t handy, especially now that I’ve moved from my home state of Missouri to Washington, DC. I’ve tried Googling a simple scoring cheat sheet for quick reference, but they’re never clear like the simple rule booklet we have at home.

Last time I was home I took a picture of the scoring page so I could have it on virtual file. Then, when scrolling through Instagram became too much effort, I put it in a simple Google Doc for all the internet to see. It’s not the entire rule book (hmm… maybe I’ll do a design project later) but it does contain basic scoring. I hope it helps those who are also looking for this reference.

Basic Cribbage Scoring

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