Dress Like Your Favorite TV Heroines

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This was student work exploring a new way of looking at an infographic. Inspired by my love for magazines and the DIY genre, I created a horizontal accordion folded infographic about dressing like one’s favorite TV heroine.

I chose five women from relatively contemporary shows; Olivia Pope, Joan Holloway, Mindy Lahiri, Bernadette Wolowitz, and Carrie Bradshaw. Each heroine displays a uniquely different personality, job title and body type, relating well to the unique female viewers.

Every spread exhibits the “Signature” style items of the individual character, including examples that were hand selected for style inspiration. Spreads also include quotes from each of the shows’ costume designers, who describe their inspiration behind the styling of each of these fabulous characters.

Fashion pieces were hand selected from Polyvore.com

Photo credit in order of appearance: hellobeautiful.com, lolinks.com, timeout.com, warnertvasia.com, fanforum.com

Designer quotes credit in order of appearance: Jacqueline Cutler Zap2it.com, Bruce Handy VanityFair.com, Tracey Lomrantz Lester Glamour.com, Bronwyn Barnes EW.com, Lauren Bailie Fashionotes.com

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