Integ Innovations

Corporate identity and re-branding for a local company making 3D printed prosthetics. The original name of the company was Gauntlet Initiative, but the group was open to a name change at the start of the project.

During the design process I brainstormed different meanings to the company’s overall vision of developing affordable yet functional prosthetic body parts for those who really need them. I came up with the name Integ Innovations based on this vision. Integ, short for integral, means the completion of a whole – the whole being the person. Innovations came from the forward-thinking technology the company uses with 3D printing materials, and the futuristic vision they have as a growing company.

The logo design was derived from the three-dimensionality of the 3D printing process, and the idea of attachment of rigid and organic shapes. The maroon represents strength and trust, while the gray reflects solidity and ingenuity.

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